USTA Alabama JTT State Championships 2017

2017 JTT State Champions & Finalists

10 & Under


Champion: 10U Highland Park Parrot Heads

Finalist: NRYC 10's


Champion: 10U Highland Park Little Parrots

Finalist:  Hoover 10's

12 & Under


Champion:  12U Highland Park Parrot Heads

Finalist:  NRYC 12's


Champion:  Tuscaloosa 12's

Finalist:  James Lewis 12's


Champion:  Selma 12's

Finalist:  Hoover 12's

14 & Under


Champion:  PRC Challengers

Finalist:  Selma 14's


Champion:  PRC Defenders

Finalist:  PRC Power Shots

18 & Under


Champion:  Greystone Titans

Finalist: EDGE Dingers PRC


Champion:  Greystone Rippers

Finalist:  TNT 18 Elite


Champion:  Hoover CC 18's

Sportsmanship Awards

10 & Under Advanced

Will Magruder

Amy Mahawanniarachchi

10 & Under Beginner

Cole Fleming

Anna Novellino

12 & Under Advanced

Jose Alcocer

Claire Bosman

12 & Under Intermediate

Will Collins

Annie Holt

12 & Under Beginner

Andrew Marshall

Ella Downing

14 & Under Intermediate

William Harding-Smith

Margaret Youngblood

14 & Under Beginner

Charlie Bainter

Abby Lolley

18 & Under Advanced

Isaiah Young

Margaret Nelson

18 & Under Intermediate

Jeran Terry

Susanna Wiggins

State Championships 2017

Important Dates

  • June 30.....Summer Season Closes
  • June 15-30.....Championship Registration Dates
  • July 3.....Championship Draws Posted
  • July 7-9.....Alabama JTT State Championships (Auburn, AL)
  • August 11-13.....Southern JTT Section Championships (Rome, GA)

Registration Procedures

TennisLink Registration

Registration #  

15962 Flight - 10 and Under - Advanced

15963 Flight - 10 and Under - Beginner

15961 Flight - 10 and Under - Intermediate

15957 Flight - 12 and Under - Advanced

15959 Flight - 12 and Under - Beginner

15960 Flight - 12 and Under - Intermediate

15955 Flight - 14 and Under - Advanced

15953 Flight - 14 and Under - Beginner

15954 Flight - 14 and Under - Intermediate

15950 Flight - 18 and Under - Advanced

15951 Flight - 18 and Under - Beginner

15952 Flight - 18 and Under - Intermediate

  1. Enter Registration #
  2. Enter Team #
  3. Click "Proceed to Checkout" Button
  4. Enter # of players participating at the State Championships
  5. Click "Proceed to Checkout" Button
  6. Enter payment information

Complete this form

Championship Check-in

  • Check-in opens at noon on Friday, July 9 at Yarbrough Tennis Center (777 S. Yarbrough Farms Blvd., Auburn, AL 36830).
  • Only Coach/Captains can check-in a team (no players in the check-in area).  
  • Submit all (entire team's) signed Player Consent Forms and Player/Spectator Conduct Forms at the time of check-in.

Courts & Equipment

  • 8 & Under - red low compression ball, 36' court, up to 23" racquet
  • 10 & Under Beginner/Intermediate - orange low compression ball, 60' court, up to 25" racquet
  • 10 & Under Advanced, 12 & Under Beginner/Intermediate - green low compression ball, 78' court, up to 27" racquet
  • 12 & Under Advanced to 18 & Under Advanced - yellow ball, 78' court, up to 27" racquet

Match Format

A team match is made up of 5 events:

  1. Boys' Singles
  2. Girls' Singles
  3. Boys' Doubles
  4. Girls' Doubles
  5. Mixed Doubles

A team is made up of 3 boys and 3 girls.

  1. If a team is reduced to 2 players of a given gender, they must default the singles event in which they are short a player in order to affect the fewest number of players.
  2. A team may use different individual players for every event in the team match or may choose to play one boy and/or one girl twice, in the mixed doubles position only.  A team may choose to play individual players twice regardless the number of players on the roster.  Players who have played twice in a team match may not play twice again until after three rounds of team matches have been completed.  The "play twice" rotation begins again in the Playoff and Final flights.
  3. If a player on a qualifying team is unable to participate, a substitute player may be added to the qualifying team's roster only in order to meet the minimum team requirement.  No more than 1 boy or 1 girl may be added to the team roster.  Substitutes added to a roster must have played on a team in the same local season and meet all other eligibility requirements.

Individual Match Scoring

  • 10 & Under - No-ad scoring: best 2 out of 3 short sets (first to 4 games), with a 7-point match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set (only have to win by 1 in set and tiebreak).
  • 12 & Under - No-ad scoring: best 2 out of 3 short sets (4 games), with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set (7-point tiebreak to be played at 3 games all).
  • 14 & Under to 18 & Under - No-ad scoring: best 2 our of 3 short sets (6 games), with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set (7-point tiebreak to be played at 5 games all).

Team Match Scoring

  • The team match is scored by cumulative games won from each of the 5 events.  A team scores a point for every game won and 1 point for winning the 3rd set tiebreak.  
  • Team matches may end in a tie.
  • The scoring formats may be altered at the tournament director's discretion.

Tournament Details

Warm Up

Warm up is limited to 5 minutes, including serves.  


No substitutions may be made in an individual match after the lineup has been presented, except for injury or illness of a player prior to the start of the match.  


Please notify the tournament desk at the time you pick up your card that you have a default.  If the opposing team has already turned in their line-up, they will be given the opportunity to change their line-up.  


Scorecards along with Play Twice forms must be filled out before reporting to the tournament desk.  Scorecards must be signed and turned in after each match.  Balls must be returned at the completion of the match.

Rain Delays

In the event of rain, remain at the tournament site until the tournament staff informs you of the playing schedule.  If a team or player is not present to resume play, they may be defaulted after 15 minutes from the match time set by the tournament desk.  In the event of an extended rain delay, it is up to the discretion of the tournament director to use an alternative playing and/or scoring format.

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USTA Alabama JTT State Championships 2016