USTA Membership

All JTT players must be members of the United States Tennis Association (USTA)

Purchase or renew a USTA membership.

The USTA offers free membership to new members aged 10 & Under.

Join a Team

Players register for a team using the team number provided by the coach/captain and the player's membership number.

Don't Have a Team? Contact a Coordinator in Your Area!

Baldwin County

Tomas Catar

(334) 590-4484

John Dotson

(251) 786-0507

Birmingham Metro

Carol Ostberg

(205) 365-1030


Kam Acupan

(256) 654-1866


Amy Brown

(334) 797-5180

East Central

Travis Debardelaben

(229) 254-0166


Milton Fleming

(205) 222-0915


April Macgrotty

(706) 581-3417


Baxter Stinson

(334) 327-9999


Clete Browder

(205) 523-1254

Sally Reel

(417) 850-8794

State Coordinator

Jenny Robb

(205) 902-1188

What Level Should My Child Play?

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP), which defines the characteristics of a player's level, is the official system for determining the levels of competition for USTA Junior Team Tennis. 

Beginner:  0.0 - 2.7

Intermediate:  2.8 - 3.4

Advanced:  3.5 +

NTRP Characteristics 

What's My Junior Rating?

Junior Rating FAQ 

Players with a Southern Standing 1-100 in the 10's must play advanced in the 10 & Under division.

Standings are referring to results through July 31 of the previous Championship year.
USTA  Southern Standings 

Youth Tennis Progression for 10 & Under Tennis

Designed to help young players develop their fundamentals, the Youth Tennis Progression (YTP) rewards 10 & Under players for competing.

USTA Youth Tennis Progression FAQs


Expectations of Players:

  • Be at matches you commit to. Remember that there is another player from the other team waiting for you to show up. 
  • Be prepared.  Have your racquet, proper tennis attire and shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, towel, hat/visor.
  • Display good sportsmanship, be polite and gracious whether you win or lose.
  • Be fair and honest with your line calls and score keeping.
  • Give your best effort regardless of the score or level of your opponent or teammate.
  • Be your own player.  Avoid looking to your parents and/or coaches.
  • Do not interrupt play on another court.  Wait for points to end before retrieving balls that may have gone into another court.
  • When finished with your match, immediately report your scores.
  • If you finish playing before your teammates, stay and support them.

Expectations of Parents:

  • Get your child to the matches.  The other team is showing up expecting to play.
  • Support and encourage your child, but give them space.  
  • Do not make line calls, correct scores, or tell players where to stand.  This is part of the learning process.  Parents cannot request court monitors, only players can.
  • Support players on both teams, not only your own child.  
  • Be prepared to commit to the entire match.  Not all matches will finish at the same time, but it is a team, and the team should stay together and support each other.