Program Coordinators


Safe Play Course & Background Check

All JTT Program Coordinators must submit to USTA National's background check and complete the Safe Play online course.

Become a Coordinator

Register as a Coordinator in TennisLink.

Basic Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Understand National and Sectional Rules and Regulations
  • Get familiar with TennisLink
  • Act as a liaison between the Coach/Captains and State Coordinator
  • Attend annual coordinators workshop

Organizer's Resource

What Level Should a Child Play?

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP), which defines the characteristics of a player's level, is the official system for determining the levels of competition for USTA Junior Team Tennis. 

Beginner:  0.0 - 2.7

Intermediate:  2.8 - 3.4

Advanced:  3.5 +

NTRP Characteristics  

Players with a Southern Standing 1-100 in the 10's must play advanced in the 10 & Under division.

Standings are referring to results through July 31 of the previous Championship year.

USTA  Southern Standings 

How to Find a Junior Rating

Junior Ratings FAQ

Youth Tennis Progression for 10 & Under Tennis

Designed to help young players develop their fundamentals, the Youth Tennis Progression (YTP) rewards 10 & Under players for competing.

USTA Youth Tennis Progression FAQs


  • Invite Coach/Captains to participate in your program
  • Have a meeting with participating Coach/Captains to decide on best days/times to schedule program and inform them of play and scoring formats, rules and regulations, and fees
  • Create Program in TennisLink
  • Assist Coach/Captains with registration


  • Remind Coach/Captains to contact each other with number of players who will participate in the match
  • Remind Coach/Captains of the home team to enter scores within 48 hours of match completion 
  • Verify online score entry


  • Identify areas of growth and/or decline and brainstorm action plans for rewards and/or incentives with State Coordinator
  • Ask for feedback from Coach/Captains on their experience
  • Coordinate with Coach/Captains to help their teams advance to a championship event

Grants & Financial Aid

  • Apply for a grant when the opportunity arises
  • Encourage Coach/Captains to apply for a grant when there is an opportunity
  • Inform Coach/Captains of available financial aid for players who meet the criteria

2 Tracks: Championship & Non-advancing JTT

Please click the file below for an explanation of Championship and Non-advancing JTT Tracks.

JTT Format (pdf)